Impact of Work Life Balance on the Psychological Wellbeing of Employees in the University of Cape Coast.
Issahaku1 John, Nkyi K. Anthony, Dramanu Y Bakari

The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of Work Life Balance (WLB) on the wellbeing of employees their gender differences in the University of Cape Coast.Descriptive survey method was adopted. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to select a total of 291 respondents from both the lecturing and administrative staff to respond to the questionnaire. Regression and independent sample t-test were used to analyse the data. The study found that there was a statistically significant difference in the work life balance of male and female participants with females having more difficulty with their work-life balance issues.The study also revealed that the work life balance of employees has a significant impact on employees‟ wellbeing. It was recommended that staff of the university who might be at risk of difficulties associated with their work life should take advantage the counselling and other psychological services offered by the counselling centre of the university.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpbs.v8n1a2