Internet Gaming Disorder and Gambling Disorder: A Comparison of Individual Psychological Factors
Véronique O. Bélanger-Lejars

In 2013, Internet gaming disorder (IGD) was added to the DSM-V under the category of disorders needing further research. IGD research is inconsistent in the definition and measure of the disorder but it has been compared to gambling disorder (GD) as the only other behavioural addiction in the DSM. The current review seeks to answer the question of how GD and IGD differ and converge on individual psychological risk factors. Six seminal studies are systematically reviewed and identify comorbid symptoms, personality and temperament traits, beliefs about illusory control, and measures of well-being. Studies presented IGD as a distinct disorder from GD but failed to clarify the psychological profile of IGD individuals. Gaining further insight into the differences between the two disorders can provide clarification in the diagnosis and treatment implementations.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpbs.v3n2a12