The Effects of Behavioral Skills Training on Teachers’ Implementation of Guided Compliance
Carmen D. Reisener, Daniel L. Gadke, Tuan Q. Ho, Candice M. Jostad

The current study analyzed the effectiveness of a behavioral skills training package and an instruction plus feedback component on the correct implementation of the 3-step guided compliance procedure. Special education teachers received training on 3-step guided compliance to increase compliance rates of four students with autism. The experimenters collected data on teachers’ accuracy of implementation and corresponding student compliance levels. Training teachers using typical school consultation procedures (i.e., instruction plus feedback) and behavioral skills training resulted in increased accuracy of implementation of the 3-step guided compliance intervention and an increase in levels of student compliance. Furthermore, the experimenters observed highest levels of accurate treatment implementation and child compliance during the packaged behavioral skills training component.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpbs.v2n3-4a1