Penis Envy: A Longitudinal Qualitative Analysis
Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D. ACSW; Paul Dovyak, MSW, BCD

The debate related to the credibility of Freudian theory is unambiguously acknowledged within the writings of psychoanalytic scholars and practitioners.If Freudian theory is in the process of being discredited, the major contributing factor for its downfall is the concept of penis envy.Although the credibility loss of a Freudian theory is a common water cooler discussion, this issue actually is an empirical question. Here, we examine the existenceof scholarly support for penis envy. The number of journals attributed to Freudian theory fails to create the impression that the influence of Freudian theory is dying. Within the Freudian literature, we assess patterns.Of 277 pieces of literature, five patterns directly related to penis envy have beenuncovered. The qualitative analysis demonstrates that support for the concept of penis envy continues to exist. However, the trend indicates a movement toward rejecting penis envy but retaining the overall Freudian paradigm.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jpbs.v11n1a5